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Dear PMP Exam Aspirant;

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  • 6 months membership access to PMP Exam Preparation course which can be downloaded and printed.
  • You will also receive support for your questions with regards to STAR-PM Course material and PMP Exam through e-mail from the author of the course material.
  • 35 hour PMP training requirement
  • Course certificate and transcript
  • Customized test report based on your test answers (optional)

Here is what you need to do to enter:

1-     Ask our Free Demo material at

2-     Review and study the Demo material. Send us your feedback and comments about the Demo material at by July 14, 2010. Your name will be entered for draw. The 5 lucky winners will be notified on July 15, 2010. We will also announce the 5 lucky winners at our website and facebook page.

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We are very confident in the quality of our material.
Please take a look at our
Free Demov to decide for yourself.

Free demo includes the followings from our study guide ‘STAR-PM, Pass PMP Exam on Your First Try’.

r  Table of Contents

r  Chapter 1—Foreword

r  Chapter 5—Project Management Concepts

r  Appendix 3—Exam Cheat Sheet & Workbook

r  Appendix 4—Before the Exam, During  the Exam, After the Exam

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Here is STAR-PM, PMP Exam Preparation Online Course Special Features and our Differences


1- Simple and easy to understand: Our course material is explained with;

· No confusing words,

· No long paragraphs,

· Tables,

· Figures,

· Simple, easy to understand language

· Examples

· Memory triggers

· Practice exercises

· Color techniques

· Repetition  

2– Principles:

· Providing the right amount of information with the right structure,

· Presenting the information in a very organized and structured manner so that the candidate can relate the concepts easily,

· Utilizing simple language and memory techniques so that candidate can remember the complex material without difficulty,

· Not only delivering the study material but also providing techniques on how to pass the exam.   

3–  Dealing with Confusing Concepts for PMP Exam: Our course material stresses the topics and concepts frequently appear on the PMP Exam. Most of the information is presented with the tables and figures such as differences between project closure and contract closure, differences between Quality Control and Quality Assurance. 


4–  Examples: The course material provides many examples and exercises. Examples are given as you are having the situation so that you get used to imagine yourself in that specific environment and start thinking with PMI logic, NOT with your logic.


5–  Case Study: A case study is used for the examples/questions throughout the book where applicable.


6–  Tips: We provide tips and tricks on how to answer exam questions.


7–  Professional Responsibility: PMI’s Professional Responsibility was explained at the beginning of the course, not at the end like other resources, since candidate needs to understand and be aware of the expectations of PMI before he/she learns the material.


8–  Memory retention techniques: Another important point you will need to pay attention in the STAR-PM Online Membership Course Material is the chapter color of the study guide. Each chapter has a color identity.

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Once we receive your payment, we will send you a password and username within 24 hours. You will be able to access to STAR-PM Course files from login page at by using your password and username.

Contact Information:

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Welcome!… My journey had started when I first decided to obtain the PMP certification on 2005. On top of my years of project management experience, I wanted to have this most valuable and recognized certification in the project management area. I’ve spent tremendous amount of time to find a good PMP Exam book to study; however, I did not find the one as I expected. I was very busy with my full-time job, continuous educations, and my family life. Therefore, I was in search of finding a resource which could provide me only the required material in an organized and structured manner so that I would not try to pull out the essential information out of the material and solve puzzles. Basically, I did not want to spend my time needlessly.

I came across with a PMP Exam study book missing imperative information from the PMBOK guide. Another study book was containing excessive amount of unnecessary information causing more confusion. A different study book with the right information was in place but with a very boring style and complicated content. Finally, I’ve found a simple study book with simple language, and clear content. However, it was missing a lot of information that PMBOK covered.

After a long search, I settled down with a PMP study book and PMI’s PMBOK guide. During my study, I took key notes using memory techniques.  At the end, I’ve ended up creating a practical and simple study handbook. And I realized that this handbook truly helped me out to pass the PMP Exam with an exceptional score. Why wouldn’t I compile, improve, and organize it to help other PMP candidates. At this point, I decided to write a concise and convenient PMP study material that does not exist in the market. If your goal is to pass the exam with the minimum amount of study effort our Online Course Membership “STAR-PM, Pass PMP Exam on Your First Try” will be an excellent resource.

Please take a moment to look at our web site to see what we offer…..

Esra Guven,
STAR-PM, Founder and Director

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